Institutional Effectiveness & Research

Rowan-Cabarrus Strategic Plan 2023-2028

Rowan-Cabarrus Statement of Purpose

Rowan-Cabarrus Community College is an open-door, comprehensive, learning-centered institution of public higher education serving the citizens of Rowan and Cabarrus counties. The College, a part of the North Carolina Community College System, offers affordable occupational and educational programs leading to Associate in Arts degree, Associate in Engineering, Associate in Science degree, Associate in Fine Arts degree, Associate in General Education degree, and Associate in Applied Science degrees. Diplomas and certificates are awarded for other occupational, adult and continuing education programs.

The primary focus of the College is workforce development, meeting the educational needs of the individual and changing requirements of the workplace. Reflecting its commitment to student learning outcomes, the College strives to inspire its students to increase their knowledge, develop occupational and technical proficiencies, respond to lifelong learning opportunities, and expand their awareness as responsible citizens in a democratic society.

Rowan-Cabarrus Mission

Rowan-Cabarrus improves lives and builds community through public higher education and workforce development.

Vision Statement

Building sustainable futures through the power of learning.


We are committed to our college and our community through our values:

  • Excellence and innovation in education and workforce development;
  • Continuous improvement through lifelong learning and achievement;
  • Trust, integrity, equity, inclusiveness and mutual respect;
  • Exemplary service through teamwork;
  • Responsiveness, resiliency, sustainability, accountability;
  • Leadership, partnership and global citizenship.

Goal 1 – Learn

How can Rowan-Cabarrus Community College increase the community’s educational attainment to lead individuals, families, and the region to equitable prosperity, sustainability and success?


  • Deliver exceptional learning and development for every student.
  • Prepare all students for career success and establish the foundation for continued higher education.
  • Support student learning outcomes by maximizing employee talent and institutional resources.
  • Support successful, affordable, and timely completion of each student’s educational goals.

Goal 2 – Engage

How can Rowan-Cabarrus Community College cultivate engagement with employees, students and the community to improve lives?


  • Invest in creating an inclusive culture that celebrates talented, innovative, and caring faculty and staff.
  • Advance students’ economic mobility through education, community, and employer partnerships.
  • Optimize the student experience by providing learning and service opportunities for all students.
  • Expand opportunities for the inclusion of online students in the College community.

Goal 3 – Innovate

How can Rowan-Cabarrus Community College shape the Community of the Future?


  • Develop and implement comprehensive educational pipelines to facilitate lifelong learning.
  • Foster an environment that anticipates opportunities for institutional growth, entrepreneurship, and local economic development.
  • Champion sustainable practices that respect the natural environment and promote a healthy community.

Goal 4 – Lead

How can Rowan-Cabarrus Community College be a catalyst for change?


  • Convene timely and strategic conversations that influence the future of our region and state.
  • Advocate for the value of education, community colleges and the future of the workforce.
  • Drive innovation by striving for continuous improvement.

Goal 5 – Belong

How does Rowan-Cabarrus Community College advance an inclusive culture based on mutual respect and caring?


  • Recognize, value, and learn how the unique experiences of each person contributes to the college culture.
  • Provide equitable opportunities for every student to succeed.
  • Be aware, informed, and responsive to all backgrounds and needs of our students, faculty, and staff.
  • Establish Rowan-Cabarrus as the first choice for higher education, workforce development, and employment in our community.